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Trendy, individual and stylish - we provide young fashion with which you can express your personality. You did want to dance all night and party? Or just chill comfortably at home alone or with friends? You're looking for a practical fashion companion for every day? In the OWNOW Young fashion ecom

What is OWNOW?

A trend that will never go away pinstripes

It seems that the fashion world is lack of inspiration or good ideas, that's why lately decides to rescue trends of the past to renew them and make them cool again. In one of those fits of returning to the past, we found a trend we do not know for sure if it ever disappeared since his return is in

Diesel Jeans freedom fulfilled 35 years

Here we met some milestones Diesel Jeans brand. Past, present and future of this company that has spent 35 years in the clothing business, and now also extends to furniture and glasses. Last: A History Renzo Rosso, born in Padua, Italy southwest is the founder of this empire. With the brand n

Current fashion trends at a glance - at OWNOW

Fashion trends in OWNOW: As diverse as fashion itself We offer an exciting range of stylish and feminine fashion trends for every season. Browse our pages for the hottest fashion trends and find strong trend clothing for your personal style. Combine you. Your custom wardrobe with the exquisite

20 shoes that twister go any festive look


And if only one small pouch could turn your party outfit? Associating a black dress and a jewellery pouch is the winning combo for a perfect evening dress. Envelopes pouches, decorative, small handbags here is a selection of 30 covers to accessorize your evening looks or New Year in style! The c

How do I design my own fashion collection?

Did you have always been problems with it, just to find the clothing that suits their personal ideal and perfectly suits you? Do you dream to start a fashion brand itself? Then you might have thought, even to design fashion. This is fun, but is also really hard work. This brief overview here is an


Fantastic fashion accessories for unlimited styling pleasure! Great handbags, colourful scarves, stylish hats and caps, high quality belt, cool sunglasses, elegant gloves and practical luggage - with fashion accessories, you can re-enact your personal style every day. Our range offers a huge selec

Fashion Accessories - exclusive and modern

Fashion Accessories give an outfit a personal touch and can even completely change a look. A simple combination for the office is transformed by exclusive jewellery in a festive evening outfit. Pearl jewellery always looks timeless and elegant, while accessories of silver or leather are youthfu

Accessories New Trends and smart styling tricks

Bags, shoes, jewellery and watches - fashion accessories give our outfit the finishing touches. See here smart styling tricks with fashion accessories. Be inspired, you click through the accessories of the stars and learn what is being worn on the catwalks of the world.

Holiday Party Look This Season

Stylish clothes and accessories for New Year's Eve Party After Christmas is New Year's Eve! And with chic sequin dresses, sleeveless and sparkling accessories, we regard the most beautiful looks ready for the New Year party.

Six tips to keep your clothes longer

At your weekly visit to your favourite store, you unearth the rare pearl: the key piece of the season at a ridiculous price. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, his appearance already flawed ... Tempted to send those dollars to cart poorly invested and break forever with fast fashion? Do not panic!

31Dec Night Dresses

Today is the happiest night of the year; everyone wants to be happy and elegant. If they appear well with our New Year's Eve dresses you cannot find anywhere else this design dresses for any occasion, with special motifs with New Year's clothes, a night that you will not forget.

Tips and as you’re wearing the trendy shoe

You know, how do I know that it's spring? I exchange my biker boots more often against lighter sneakers. For me count the former gymnastic and sports shoes become an important Basic my shoe collection. The comfortable leisure shoe has already made the leap from the sports ground on the world's roa