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The concept of Bizo.in evolved from the idea of possibility and the need of doing Business Online & thus being future proof .

Its an age old saying that for a Business to grow you have to be where your Customer is. In the economics of today your customer and market can be anywhere & the future cannot be predicted. That’s precisely why we at BIZO decided to create it.

Go BIZO has a simple Mantra - Sell Here, There - Everywhere.

We at BIZO – know that every product or service that has been invented or manufactured will always have its own market & the key to success will be to reach that market in the most quickest & efficient way.

BIZO will ensure that your product can be sold everywhere…. Surpassing the physical boundaries be it in your Gully, Mohalla, City, State or Country.

We wish to to be a facilitator or an enabler assisting you to sell & market your product & reach the buyer who appreciates it – and ensure an inclusive growth.

Salient Features

  • Aesthatic Storefronts
  • Multi-payment options
  • Multi-logistics support
  • Mobile Ready
  • SMS Integrated
  • Customisable

Meet Our Crew

  • Alok Barua
    President Product & Technology

He is a hands on tech enthusiast with more than 20 year of experience in IT ,Media & Marketing. Also an advanced thinker and tinkerer & when free loves spending time unravelling various mysteries

  • Vaibhav Chavan
    Dev Lead

Our inhouse Code Maker – He oversees all our front and back end builds. A perfectionist developer himself has a keen eye for design too. When not coding he is a bookworm… immersed in books, loves chess and a doting husband…

  • Vijay Soni
    UI Experience

He is our design and illustration guy. A Silent worker, rarely seen or heard… however, his designs speak volumes.. He is a sports person in awe with Badminton. He is a good listener too, loves stories, facts and fictions.

  • Nilesh Dama
    Head Operations

A nut and a bolt guy, with penchant for anything and everything. He is our inhouse fix-it. He is an explorer at heart, lovs travelling, trekking, adventure sports and exploring the unexplored.

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