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What Does BIZO.in do

BIZO is a complete ecommerce solution that facilitates you to have an online presence by setting up a store & sell your own products, services etc. It provides you a ready made tool to exhibit your products, promote them, engage with your customer and sell them.

In a nutshell, it will provide you an entire ecosystem right from setting up an online presence, design it as per your needs and maintain it with zero efforts

Do I need to install anything? Ok. I like it. How do I start selling. I already have domain name – can I use it? I have businesses in other Nationals & Geographies as well. How many languages does BiZO.in support?

I am ready. What next

I don’t have technical background to setup my shop or change my storefront design.

You don’t have to be tech savvy. BIZO storefronts come with many designs and template inbuilt. You don’t have to design them. However, should you want something exclusive and customized, BIZO team will do it for you.

In short, you can select prebuild aesthetic storefronts or get a customized one that suits your business.

How do I know if I get an order? Ok I don’t know how to ship my products, can someone help me ship?

How do I get Payments?

What methods of payment can my customers use?

Usually, online customer prefer paying via credit card or debit cards, but with BIZO you can also offer Cash on Delivery as an option for your customers. BIZO can be integrated with almost any kind of payment gateways and providers. All you need is to provide the details and we shall set them up for you.

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How much will owning a storefront cost How do I pay? How is the Billing?
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